About Us

VirtualBlue is a mobile virtual airline based on the Infinite Flight Platform. We have no affiliation with jetBlue. We are aviation enthusiasts who love jetBlue and take flying to the most realistic level possible in Infinite Flight.
To succeed in Virtual Blue virtual airlines environment, you have to be able to follow directions. This also includes paying attention to detail, following procedures, and acting accordingly. If you want to FLY with Virtual Blue on Infinite Flight, follow the list below.
1. Apply
At the bottom of this page, there is a section called, Let's Jet. Fill it out. Do NOT Register for the VA until informed to do so.
2. Take Entrance Exam
Virtual Blue virtual Airlines for Infinite Flight has an entrance exam which will test your ability to critically think, understand procedures and demonstrate your level of cognizance about flying.
3. Test Review
Once you have submitted the entrance exam, it will be reviewed. If you meet the passing score, the scores will be released to you, and you will be asked to REGISTER to the site. Do NOT register until you receive the confirmation to do so.
4. Register
Register for Virtual Blue. We will activate your profile. At that point, you start in the E190 for 10 hours. After 10 hours, you request a check ride. This is our ability to evaluate your flight planning skill.

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